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When browsing this website, certain information may be collected anonymously, that is, without you having entered or submitted this data, through technology such as cookies, beacons and files that record the sequence of how you browse this website. Your internet browser automatically transmits this data to this website, some of this information is the URL that gave rise to your visit to this website, IP (Internet Protocol Address), the version of your browser you use and the device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone), you can configure your browser to refuse all cookies or beacons, but certain features may not work with cookies disabled. By browsing our website you are authorizing the collection of this data, if you do not agree with the collection of this information you should leave our website, or consult our Cookies Policy to find out how to disable the collection of anonymous information.

Use and Disclosure of Personal

Data Unless expressly indicated otherwise, we may use your data submitted on this website to improve your browsing experience, to inform you of our best offers and new services (if you subscribe to our newsletter), for advertising and informational purposes and for any other specified purpose. Some of your personal data collected on this website may be stored and aggregated in alphabetical order and in a secure manner with limited access. We may make full use of the information collected by us through this website and also share data collected through this website with third parties, such as reservation systems, suppliers, customer service and technical support. When providing information to third parties, they are obliged by law to protect and inform you of the collection and use of this data and for what purpose, such as responding to law enforcement requests or, where necessary, by applicable laws.

Access, Correction and Deletion of Personal Data

To request access, correction or deletion of Personal Data collected by this website, you should contact us by email at thisistheway.pico@gmail.com and ask us to update, correct or even delete your data.


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Changes to the Privacy Policy

Whenever changes are made to this Privacy Policy, they will be updated without any type of prior notice or indication, so it is advisable that whenever you use this website you consult our Privacy Policy, in order to be fully aware of it.

Data Protection Policy (GDPR)

For us, the privacy of your personal data is very important, which is why we respect the General Data Protection Regulation that came into force in Portugal on May 25, 2018. To this end, we will describe in the paragraphs below, how we treat data. your personal data:

1. Purpose of processing your personal data: Maintain a contractual relationship and the provision of services provided by This is the Way, Lda / Seavine or third parties to our customers; To contact our customers through channels such as telephone, email or postal mail; For Marketing campaigns, Promotions, New Services, among others that we consider to be of interest to our customers; To carry out quality surveys on services provided by Cantinho do Cantagalo.

2. Legitimate Basis of Data Processing: The legitimate processing of Personal Data is established by a contractual or pre-contractual relationship established with our customers, as well as the consent granted and, in its absence, the legitimate interest in sending information that we consider to be of total interest to you.

3. Communication to Third Parties and Confidentiality: Please note that This is the Way, Lda / Seavine will only communicate personal data to third parties whenever they are necessary to provide services, such as an online reservation system, otherwise we will not communicate your data to third parties and they will be maintained and processed with absolute confidentiality.

4. Conservation of Personal Data: This is the Way, Lda / Seavine will retain the data provided on this website as long as it maintains a contractual or pre-contractual relationship that led to the collection and processing of this same data, for the time necessary to comply with legal obligations to which it is subject by law, and as long as the holder does not exercise the right to suppress or oppose their processing.

5. Rights of Data Subjects: Holders of Personal Data have the right to access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation of processing, portability and to register complaints, in accordance with their rights, which must be addressed directly to the entity that controls the respective data, to To be able to exercise your rights, you can send an email to: thisistheway.pico@gmail.com If it is not in your interest to receive commercial information from This is the Way, Lda / Seavine, you can send an email to: thisistheway.pico@gmail.com where in the subject you must mention “remove from newsletter”.

For any additional clarification related to our data processing, please contact us via the following email: thisistheway.pico@gmail.com



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